Partnership To Success Marketing Coaching Program

Partnership to Success Marketing Coaching Program

John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success coaching program

There are so many questions when it comes to succeed online as a Marketer/Entrepreneur: Where do I start? Which email marketing software and autoresponder should I use to grow the list because everyone have probably heard that the money is in the list. And how about develop products and sell them: It sounds too advanced. Can I just start being an affiliate and promote other Marketers products? Is that enough in order to live online and quit my day job?

First we have to realize that it takes time and commitment to succeed online in order to quit the day job. Forget the get rich quick ideas that are flooding the internet. That might have been working in 1995 when internet was new and Google were not born yet and Altavista was the dominant search engine. There are no such things and shortcuts online anymore as far as I know. Hard work always works.

You will have to make a business plan with daily planning and to-do-lists to fulfill your dream of becoming an independent Entrepreneur online.
John Thornhill runs Partnership to Success coaching program,
where he have a 100% success rate on the Students who can follow a step-by-step plan and does follow it. You can watch his video here and you will find out that he is genuine, honest and ethical.

Imagine that a professional Internet Marketer that have made $5 million+ online creates a step-by-step coaching program where he holds your hand and helps you realize your dream to finally succeed online. Every week you will see posts in the Partnership to Success Facebook Group like:”I just made my first sale today!”. That gives you so much inspiration and energy to charge your business with.

And if that wasn’t enough, he even promotes your product to his huge network of 50,000+ subscribers. Yes, it might sound a bit scary with your own product:”I don’t know how ta make a product”, you might say. That’s where John Thornhill comes in with his 10+ years of success online to help you. You will be surrounded with students at the same stage as you in the process. There are also successful students from previous years, that will help you solve problems and promote your products as well.

How about that? It’s all served and once you have paid the membership for one year, you have become a lifetime member of Partnership to Success at no additional cost. Yes, you pay a onetime fee or per month for 12 months, and then your membership is free for the rest of the life. John Thornhill knows how to over deliver. Listen to what his testimonials are saying in this video.

So imagine that you finally have found a coaching model that works instead of all these shiny objects that are cluttering our hard drives. It’s not free but you will not spend thousands of dollars, rather a few hundred dollar for video software, product design and hosting for your wordpress blogs. Remember that every little step to become successful is covered in this one of a kind marketing coaching.

Imagine that you finally can tell your doubtful friends and family that you make a living on internet marketing and actually are earning more than when you did suffer at a work that you didn’t like just in order to pay the bills. Imagine what a positive effect this will have on your entire life and relationships. The frustration and high blood preasure that you use to have will just belong to the past.

In the Partnership to Success coaching program you will be taken thru a number of modules with detailed steps, where John Thornhill does exactly what you will do. He starts from scratch with registering a domain name and hosting account and have recorded a comprehensive video guide to every little setting that you will have to do in your wordpress blog, to prepare it for your first blog posts. You will also read other students blogs and make comments on them, and they will come and read your blog in order to get started with your first traffic on your blog.

What else are the benefits of participating in Partnership to Success? You will have access to useful and expensive software that costs more than the coaching itself. How about that? You are already on plus before you get started! That’s just another example of John Thornhills over delivery of thoughtfulness, and team work that is beautiful to see in action. He really cares about you and your business.

Partnership to Success comes with a 60 day money back guarantee: No questions asked.
That means that you can try the training for 60 days and have a good look around and make sure that this program fits you and your needs. If you later decide that this is not for you, simply cancel it for a full refund, no questions asked. So whit that being said, I encouraged you to watch the video presentation for a few minutes and judge by yourself if this is what you are looking for. If you want to develop your business online in order to let it pay your bills and give you an internet lifestyle of abundance, joy and happiness, than this is for you.

“Wanted: Ambitious, hard working individuals who want to work with me personally and finally discover what it takes to succeed online.” That’s it. John Thornhill’s own description of his coaching.

This first coaching group started back in 2007 and have created hundreds, if not thousands of successful marketers, and he says that there’s no better feeling than receiving an email from a student that is thankful for the help that moved them into where they want to be.

Are you suffering from the shiny objects syndrome? There are no magic bullets and shortcuts available if you want to be successful online. Retarget your point of view from short term into long term and roll up your sleeves to get ready to work. I can tell you how good it feels to follow a successful guide, do one task at a time, continue to the next to close a module and open a new module. And the result is there, right in front of you when your blog starts to look professional. That gives you a calming feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. So at the end of the day, you can say that you did the best you could, and that will make you successful, as long as you stick with the plan and avoid all the distractions.

Is it possible to avoid the distractions and focus on the steps to go thru this training? For me, I finally got on the right track when I started to use Pomodoro Keeper. (Pomodoro means “Tomato” in Italian.) It is a timer that is pre configured on 25 minutes focus, then 5 minutes rest. If you get disturbed during the 25 minutes, you will just start all over with 25 minutes again. And you are focused on only one thing at a time. That is pure Mindfulness in action. You will accomplish much more than when you check your mail and get facebook updates at the same time as you talk to someone on the phone and are watching the TV while eating. Give it a try and tell me the difference in a comment below. Download Pomodoro Keeper for free in the AppStore here and a similar in Google Play here. And feel free to share solutions that can make us all more productive in order to accomplish more and achieve the results we like. If you ever have made a to-do-list you know how much more efficient you became instantly, like 50% more efficiant the first day that you do that. I make a weekly to-do-list on Sunday evening for the whole week, and then a daily list, preferly the evening before, so the mind is ready to execute the plans next morning. I wish you good luck with your Entrepreneur career and that you will have a happy fulfilled life with long holidays, healthy food and good health! Now have a look at the Partnership to Success video here and share your thoughts in a comment below.



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