About Mats Rehn

Mats RehnAt the age of 18 years young I left the two year Carpenter High school in my blue Ford Taunus Coupé. After one year of military service as a squad commander I was working as a Carpenter for a few years.

Then I moved from the countryside to the capital: Stockholm, Sweden. I established myself with a new girlfriend and different jobs like Taxidriver, selling bread in the subway because it was only three hours per day to have much time off.

Around the year 2000 I was buying a used laptop but wanted a different one after a while so I figured out that when I upgraded the laptops with more memory and so on, I made a little profit on each one.

I had 16 stationary computers on six desks in the living room, so the sofa was sent to the storage. When I introduced a girl to my apartment, they run because they will not get any attention of this geek. I did that for fun, just to learn Networking internal and external thru the Internet. I pretended that one Hospital was sending a journal to another.

Then I became a Massage Therapist for a few years and after that, I figure out that my goal was to become a successful Online Entrepreneur. I did like most people and filled the hard drives with shiny objects but at last, I found out a strategy that works together with a change of the mindset and attitude. And like every other job, it takes a lot of focus and hard work to succeed. But it’s worth it!

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